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  • What does Superfluid do for the Environment?
  • We take great pride in our brand vision, humanity and transparency and we fully acknowledge that we are "imperfectly sustainable". We believe our choices are what defines us and that small steps can make big changes and help us improve constantly on the sustainability agenda. For this reason, we implement practices paying attention on the ecological impact and take several decisions like delivering our products to you in a 100% recyclable packaging, offering paraben-free formulations or supporting projects for the environment. Find below all the green steps we started to take, it’s the beginning of a long journey towards greater sustainability and we hope you’ll join us. 

  • We create thoughtful & respectful formulation
  • We require our product to be for everyone and respectful of a number of rules, our goal is a thoughtful formulation and we made the choice to ban talc, mineral oil and parabens. Most of our products are RSPO certified and we are committed to improve each of our new formulas.

  • FSC certification and Green Dot License
  • Our secondary packaging (the box around your product) is FSC certified and we are licensed to use the Green Dot trademark. 

    The FSC certification ensures that the paper used comes from responsibly-managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. For more information, visit

    The Green Dot is the symbol for the organization of recovery, sorting and recycling of sales packaging. The Green Dot on our packaging means that we subscribed to that organization which actively supports and regulates packaging recovery and recycling.  You can visit to know more.

  • Packaging
  • We’re actually working to ship all UK orders in eco-friendly packaging. In the meantime, we use small bubble mailing envelopes that you can recycle.

    (for all the other European countries) Your order will be delivered in a gorgeous recyclable shipping box. It is paper based and nearly half of it comes from recycled material. Reuse or recycle it in the paper bin. You can do the same with our sealing tape, which is made of paper and is recyclable too!

  • We support projects that are good for the environment
  • We love to deliver our products to you so you can enjoy them fully, yet we know that our shipments will still have an impact on the environment as CO2 emissions will be released during transport. We work closely with our partner Phoresta Onlus to estimate our carbon footprint and to identify ways to reduce it and compensate it.  

    To offset the CO2 emissions related to our logistics we actively promote two important sustainability projects in Italy to:

    • plant enough trees to compensate the CO2 emissions of our shipments as part of the existing forestation project "Bosco di Bologna". Learn more on in the dedicated section.

    • support the project FO-RESTARE for postpone the scheduled deforestation within the Natural Reserve of Monterano near Rome, by another 15 years. This will allow that forest to continue to help absorb CO2 emissions and to a much greater extent compared to newly planted trees.

  • We try to minimize returns
  • Why? Returns and especially free returns have an unsustainable cost on nature*.

    How? No free return policy. While we believe returns should be easy for you, we want to encourage a positive behavior and awareness on the ecological impact of returns. To avoid paper waste, you won’t find any return labels in your package, but no worries, we will send you one only if you need to return the item. 

    *Source: Optoro report 2018, 15m tons of CO2 emitted in return process in the US alone. See

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